CalenDial is now available on the Android Market

CalenDial makes it easy to quickly dial conference calls stored on your calendar

CalenDial makes it fast and intuitive to dial in to any conference calls, audio bridges and teleconferences stored in your calendar. Never find yourself fumbling for a piece of paper to write down the details of your conference calls again!

CalenDial works with your existing Android calendars and enable you to rapidly dial into conference calls while on the go, with NO need to install additional calendar applications.

- Fully customisable and configurable - pick which calendars should be checked by CalenDial

- Ability to set up both guest dial-in and host dial-in phone numbers - Powerful number matching automatically links calendar entries with the same conference details, so you only have to enter each conference details once

- Does not require a custom calendar installed to work this is a standalone app which reads your existing calendar details

- Will not edit or modify your calendar at all

- No need for the meeting organiser to put the phone number or dial in details in a specific format

- Fully controllable notifications on upcoming calls you can choose which events you receive notifications for and how long before each event

- Comprehensive information screens describing how the CalenDial application works

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